Borșa Resort is located in the northernmost part of Romania, in Maramureș County, nestled between the Rodna Mountains and the Maramureș Mountains, at altitudes ranging from 700 to 850 meters. To the east of the city, at the foot of the Rodna Massif, 11 km from the center, there lies a significant tourist complex open throughout the year, featuring several modern hotels and guest houses, including Ursu Lodge.

The area offers conditions for practicing winter sports, with ski slopes of varying difficulty levels.

Ursu Pension is situated within the Borșa tourist complex, 200 meters from the ski slope equipped with a chairlift: an unlimited space, with clean air and mineral water springs, which spring from the heart of the Rodna Mountains.

Due to its location, the pension is an ideal lodging option for tourists wishing to spend a skiing holiday or for those who want to discover the beauties of the Rodna Mountains.

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